Thinking about Yasujiro Ozu, the grandmaster of my soul.

scotty - 12/15/2018

I recently realized my life so far is a mess, I can not control my emotions, yelling a lot, doing stupid things. I don’t know why there are some kind of crazy period like that, but when it came, a good movies definitely saved my soul, kept my mind back on track, specially movie of Master Ozu Yasujirō. Last week I watched a movie called “The flavor of green tea over rice”, that was the first time I watched this title of Master Ozu. It calmed me down a lot.

I love Ozu’s movies just a short time recently. Last year when I watched Columbus, a movie by Kogonada, and I loved this movie so much, when I read about this film director and knew he is a real fan of Ozu Yasujirō, he’d collected a bulk of information about Ozu at (missingozu.tumblr.com), making some essays about Ozu’s movies (kogonada.com). I decided to watch Tokyo Story, and then watched almost the titles of Ozu.

Every simple and super well-prepared scenes in Ozu’s movies melt my soul down. There is a scene in Tokyo Story when the morther slept overnight at daughter-in-law room, in the morning when she prepared to go, the daughter gave her some money to spend, and the mother was crying while they were holding hand together. This scene make me feeling about humanity, the space between two mankind and maybe changing my point of view in a certain way.

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