Building good memories and duck soup for the soul

scotty - 10/20/2018

Last night when I was running, I thought a bout dead, everybody will die some day, and why we have to do meaning things, for what, it will disappear at the end. But if we do nothing, it will be the same result finally, why we don’t choose do nothing, it’s easier and less painful, right?

Hooray, brainstorming again, I figure out some issues of this idea.  I read somewhere, there was a extinction human race, they disappeared because they was too lazy, they did’t build tools, they did’t struggle to survive, just lived with what the nature gave them. One day when climate changed, nothing to eat, they all died in gradually way.

Definitely,  on another day we will disappear too, maybe our legacies will not remain forever, BUT there is a reason to hope, those legacies will perhaps become something bigger, saving cosmos in some way, who know :)) And if nothing remain, at least I have a good life, good memories to be proud of  for no reasons, just enjoy myself in a simple way, for example.

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